Friday, August 18, 2017

Hearts & Souls' DJ Holocluck at Seladia Park 12:30pm IWT

It's time to get into gear, and DJ Holocluck will host one a 90 minute set of ecclectic tunes at Seladia Park Saturday 19 August on behalf of Hearts & Souls team.  Come on over and have some fun!  Event starts at 12:30pm IWT

Kickoff is a Success!!!

We Celebrate Survivors!!! Caregivers!!! Volunteers!!! Relayers!!!  

After a fantastic kickoff, with a warm up party by DJ Bain Finch, our ceremony with words from OldeSoul Eldemar, Kitty Gumbo, Bain Finch, and althought he was unable to attend, Fuzz Ortega, then our most awesome presentation by our Fight Back Ambassadors Calliope Andel and Mike Chase.  All of this excitement was followed up with DJ Holocluck Henly, who had us dancing in the streets!!    Thanks so much to Kitty Gumbo for planning this event, and decorating the town with some help from our team of folks from our relay community.

The following teams are signed up and ready to go: Hearts and Souls, WeeFolks For a Cure, Ragtags, Community Fashion For Life, Team OyO, Tri Group and Team Aristides.  We have several venues and groups working with General Kiosks but I do wish to mention them: Riverboat, Golden Touch, and Paradise Plaza.
If you are interested in signing up a team. please let Kitty Gumbo know.  She will be more than happy to help you .

These teams have already hit the ground and are working to help raise money for Relay For Life - with a goal in mind centered toward research.  The following article is one awesome research program funded by the American Cancer Society
I personally feel that this is the most global effort- it is SCIENCE !!!  WOOOT!!  The results from SCIENCE will help and assist everyone across all of our communities. You can see our totals rising on   Scroll down a little - and you can see how many research hours we have raised so far.

Watch our blogspot for up and coming events! The calendar is located on the bottom right.  When teams or individuals have an event, please give me a texture and a write up about it.  I will get it posted. We want our info to get out to as many folks as possible.

GO GO GO Colours of Hope !!!! GO GO GO RELAY!!!

Thank you for all you do for Relay!!

OldeSoul Eldemar
Chair of RFL of IW -  which means I am here to HELP YOU!!